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Sustainability: small actions add up!

Developing a Green Policy for the Area Meeting

At the end of last year a process was started to develop a Green Policy for our Area Meeting. It was decided that a good place to start would be with an idea of what Meetings and Friends were already doing individually and in our wider communities. The responses received back so far have been collated together in this delightful poster.

The poster in A3 size has been sent round to all Local Meetings to act as a starting point for discussion and suggestions. It's bringing further responses forward - people saying 'Yes! I'm doing this and this but I'm also doing that!' The discussions will continue with opportunities for further responses welcome from individuals and local meetings.

Next stage

A report will be brought to a future Area Meeting with a draft policy for review and discernment by Friends.

Watch this space

updates will be published on this blog as actions progress towards the Green Policy and growing our understanding and confidence in living our testimonies through more sustainable lives.


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