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Children and

Young People 

Families are very much welcomed by Quakers, some Local Meetings have a regular Children’s Meeting with activities for different age groups. It is helpful to make contact with the Clerk in advance of attending Meeting for Worship for the first time with children, or visiting from another area to ensure we are prepared to welcome you with your children - follow the links to the local meeting contacts.

Children & Young People - Quakers

There are periodic family focussed events and activities locally and nationally

I’m a young Quaker ...

Epistle of Junior Yearly Meeting, 1991

Junior Yearly Meeting gave us the opportunity to step back and look at our lives from a different perspective. As Quakers we are often preoccupied with global issues and as young people we are only too often preoccupied with the pressures of work. We had the space to stop, to listen and to think about ourselves…

Through our discussions we recognised our anxieties and fears. We realised that we are individuals and that we are alone but, as part of a loving community, to be alone does not necessarily mean to be lonely. We discovered that it is acceptable to have confused feelings, to be different, to do things our own way. We should not feel guilty when we are wrong, and appreciate that there must be room for mistakes. There are people who want us to be exactly as we are.


(QF&P 21.06)

Children's Meeting - Mike Pinches
Children's meeting © Mike Pinches
Light shining inside us - Quakers
'Light shining inside us' is reproduced with permission of Britain Yearly Meeting, available to download from
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