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As Quakers

we are committed

to safeguarding

From time to time our spiritual journey requires us to take risks. As adults, taking risks is easier when we know we are supported by others and have confidence in our personal experience. Our children are more vulnerable with limited experience and their protection is a paramount responsibility.   

Safeguarding - Quaker Meetingt

Some adults in our meeting may also be at risk of abuse because they need help with daily living tasks, and may be unable to protect themselves against harm or exploitation. Adults at risk of abuse includes people with a wide range of disabilities and circumstances. 


As Quakers we are committed to Safeguarding children and Adults at risk by bringing together what our faith expects of us and the law requires.


Norfolk & Waveney Quakers’ Safeguarding Policy follows the legal requirements of the 1989 & 2004 Children Acts. We have tried to write it in a spirit that allows our children and those that work with them, to grow in the spirit. In order to do this, we want to create a framework that lets our children and vulnerable adults know that they are both physically and emotionally safe and allows sufficient freedom for them to choose the paths and challenges of their own spiritual journey.


We also aim to inform and support adults in what action to take if they are concerned about a child’s welfare or that any child may be suffering harm.

Children's Activities © Mike Pinches
Children's Activities © Mike Pinches
Safeguarding Children - Quaker Meeting
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