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Quaker Camp 2021

Quaker Camp at was back this year at its regular idyllic rural site near Bungay between 7-14th August, and was enjoyed by about 80 campers. It proved to be a much-needed oasis of calm in covid times.

Adult campers had taken a lateral flow test before coming to camp, and other measures were in place to reduce the risk of infection. Camp was a great success, especially as organisers had feared that it might have to be cancelled at short notice if the Covid Delta strain caused a big increase in infections. The camp committee had considered introducing strict measures such as insisting that campers use the same table all week. In the event we realised that to police such measures would be very difficult, and that they would have a negative effect on camp atmosphere.

We did arrange for more washing facilities to be available so that campers would be more likely to wash hands frequently. Masks were worn by campers when preparing food in the kitchen tent, and we encouraged them to be very careful if they left camp e.g. to go swimming or shopping. We also decided not to allow any visitors, or any Visitors' Day which is usually on the Wednesday of camp.

It is hard to gauge the effectiveness of these measures, but fortunately no campers experienced covid symptoms.

The picture here is of a drawing by Norwich Friend, Jo Haywood. It is her impression of the daily outdoor meeting for worship, which was actually attended by 70-80 campers.

Tom Foxe ( Camp Organising Group)


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