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Glebe House – a Quaker charity

As both a Quaker and volunteer with Circles UK, it was perhaps inevitable that I would one day find myself a Trustee at Glebe House. What in my view makes the work of Glebe House so worthwhile is that it works with young men, who still have their whole lives ahead of them. My last Circles core member was in his sixties and had spent most of his life in prison.

Glebe House Friends Therapeutic Community Trust

The blend of residential care, education and therapy create a positive, supportive environment that has helped countless youngsters put their troubled pasts behind them. Many have discovered new ambitions and gained the qualifications needed to pursue them as their career.

But the secret of Glebe House’s success is the commitment of all who work there. The work is at times challenging, but all talk of how rewarding it is to play a part in helping each young person realise their potential and go on to live happy and fulfilling lives.

Robert Ashton

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