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Norfolk & Waveney

Area Quaker Meeting

Norfolk & Waveney Area Quaker Meeting is one of the 70 area meetings of Quakers in Britain. We have no hierarchy and none of us has any status above another.

Silent Worship © Michael Preston
Silent Worship © Michael Preston

Quakers share a way of life and discover our unity in worshipping together. We are known best for our commitment to peace, simplicity, equality and truth. 


We are formally known as the Religious Society of Friends. We are religious, but not a religion: we welcome people from all faith backgrounds (and none) who want to explore and deepen their spiritual and human experience. We are a society: we offer the chance to be part of a community of people who opt for simpler lives and who seek “to know one another better in things that are eternal”. We are friends: we recognise a fundamental equality of dignity in every person. To put it another way, we see “that of God in everyone”.

For Quakers, the Area Meeting is the level at which membership is held, though we usually worship in Local Meetings. In the Norfolk & Waveney area we have ten Local Meetings. 


The Area Meeting and its trustees work to support the affairs of the Society and to support Local Meetings.

Thoughtfulness photo credit Bob Ward
Thoughtfulness © Bob Ward
Quakers in discussion © Mike Pinches
Quakers in Discussion © Mike Pinches

‘The area meeting is the primary meeting for church affairs in Britain Yearly Meeting. Its role is to develop and maintain a community of Friends, a family of local meetings who gather for worship and spiritual enrichment. It should provide that balance between worship, mutual support, administration, learning, deliberation and social life which can make its meetings enjoyable occasions and build up the spiritual life of its members.’

from Quaker Faith & Practice 4.02
Ickworth Park Grounds © C Thomas.jpg

Quaker faith is a search for truth, not an arrival. Quakers are a faith group committed to working for equality, social justice, peace and sustainability.

Ickworth Park Grounds © C Thomas
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